What We Offer

Defined Designs prides itself on out of the box thinking to create extraordinary elements.

Mobile Marketing Vehicles & Trailers

Scaled Replicas

Specialty Vehicles

Mobile Environments

Event and Exhibit Displays

Vehicle Wraps

Delivery and Setup

Custom Bars and DJ Booths

Themed Builds

Interactive Games

Vehicle Rentals

Pop Up Stores

3D and Illustrative Renderings

Tailored Solutions

We listen and work with you to understand exactly what your program needs, then find ways to make it possible!

Project Consultation

Interior and Exterior Design

Artistic, Digital, and 3D Renderings

Vehicle / Platform Acquisition

Audio, Video and Electronics

Wood, Metal, and Fibreglass Fabrication

Three Dimensional Sculpting

Indoor and Exterior Signage

Storage and Warehouse


Set-up and Delivery


Campaign Support

Vehicle Repurposing

Overhaul and Revamp


Logistics Support


Guerrilla Cubes

The Guerrilla Cube experience is unlike that of any other. Guerrilla Cubes are designed for optimum impact during consumer engagement, while facilitating your setup and activation, stretching your marketing dollar. Guerrilla Cubes are quick to setup, easy to transport, and highly customizable for a wide variety of venues. Get there and be there quickly, effectively, and memorably!


Print – 3M

Our in-house print shop can handle all of your branding needs. Our state-of-the-art printer produces incredibly high-quality graphics, from vehicle wraps to banners. We also have the very unique ability to print metallic colours such as silver, and can also print white onto clear media.

With our wide range of 3M products, we can wrap almost anything; brick walls, sidewalks, floors, walls, and more. If you have something you want branded, just ask. You might be surprised at the possibilities.


Promotional Solutions

We create vibrant exhibits, displays and interactive games for trade shows, events or guerrilla activations.

Being the official Ontario distributor for PromoQuip, a leading promotional equipment manufacturer, expands our repertoire to offer quick solutions for popular items.